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When returning to our original production designs we always had a fondness for one of our first shapes. Its debut as the 401k in 2006 and subsequent release as the California and VK models saw many versions of a shape we considered iconic. In 2006 Paul Han took 2nd place at the World Yoyo Contest with a 401k. In recent years we saw brands playing with similar designs but we sat comfortably knowing we could tap our heritage at any time. The push came when local pest controller turned yo-yo fan Keith Conklin started bugging us to recreate his favorite shape. We knew a re-release wasn’t going to cut it. We wanted to use the shape as a pure element but modernize the specs. We employed a significant inner bump, something we hadn’t done as dramatically since the Space Cowboy in 2014. The push in width created room for the axle, a nice flat face and allowed the original weight distribution to shine again…. much wider.


Weight: 64 grams
Width: 48 mm
Diameter: 56.5 mm
Gap: .170"in
Bearing: CenterTrac(R)
Pads: white Large CBC

Note: Artisan anodize marks are present under rim on blue and brown models.

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