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CLYW Big Dipper

CLYW Big Dipper

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The Big Dipper is the second plastic release from CLYW and a signature model for 2015 World Yo-Yo Champion Zach Gormley!

Based on the Borealis (the metal yoyo that Zach used to win the World YoYo Contest), the Big Dipper is a fast and floaty competition yoyo at a casual price. The weight distribution has been optimized for speed and stability, but this yoyo is ALL FUN! Whether you're trying to get through one of Zach's contest-killing tricks, working on your next freestyle, or just doing Walk The Dog for a kid at the grocery store, the Big Dipper has everything you need.



Diameter - 58.5mm
Width - 43.9mm
Weight - 66.3 grams
Response - Snow Tires
Material - Polycarbonate
Box Art - Mike Lundy

This is an unresponsive yoyo.

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