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Carcassonne Expansion 10 - Under the Big Top

Carcassonne Expansion 10 - Under the Big Top

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The circus is coming to Carcassonne with Under the Big Top, the tenth expansion for the legendary tile-laying game! Capturing the thrills of the circus, Under the Big Top incorporates two new types of land tiles and two new types of meeples into the Carcassonne library.
See exotic animals and go for big bonuses when you visit the big top or witness acrobats perform feats of daring by stacking themselves into a meeple pyramid. All the while, the ringmaster will be directing the show and bringing in the crowds.
Enter a whole new world of excitement with Under the Big Top.
Your games of Carcassonne will never be the same again!

Key Selling Points
• An all-new expansion for the legendary Carcassonne
• Experience the thrill of the circus with two new types of tiles and
    two new types of meeples
• Enter the big top with the Circus tiles or stack your meeples into a
    pyramid with the Acrobat tiles
• Run away, join the circus, and score bonus points for adjacent
    Circus and Acrobat tiles as the Ringmaster

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