Ultra Instinct -Sign- Son Goku
[BT3-033 ]

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    Set: Cross Worlds
    Era: Universe Survival Saga
    Rarity: Super Rare
    Game character: Son Goku
    Color: Blue
    Energy color cost: 7(BBB)
    Card type: Battle
    Power: 35000
    Combo energy: 1
    Combo power: 10000
    EX-Evolve BB, place 1 card from your hand in the Drop Area : Blue "Son Goku" with an energy cost of 5 or more. (Play this card on top of the specified card)
    [Triple Strike] (This card inflicts 3 damage instead of 1 when attacking)
    [Permanent] Your opponent can't combo for the duration of this card's battle.
    [Auto] When a card evolves into this card, return all of your opponent's Battle Cards to their owner's hand.

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