Tokitoki City (Assault of the Saiyans)
[BT7-109_PR ]

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    Set: Prerelease Promos
    Era: null
    Rarity: Promo
    Color: Black
    Energy color cost: 1(-)
    Card type: Extra
    [Field] (Place and activate this card in your Battle Area. It remains in your Battle Area until you activate another [Field]. When you do, place this card in its owner's Drop Area.)
    [Auto] When you play a Battle Card using [Over Realm], place the top card of your deck under this card.
    [Activate:Main] Choose 3 cards under this card and send them to your Warp : If your Leader Card is black, Battle Cards you play using [Over Realm] aren't sent to Warps at the end of this turn.

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