Son Goku, Savage Great Ape (Power Booster)
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    Set: Promotion Cards
    Era: World Martial Arts Tournament Saga
    Rarity: Promo
    Game character: Son Goku: Childhood
    Color: Yellow
    Energy color cost: 4(YY)
    Card type: Battle
    Power: 20000
    Combo energy: 1
    Combo power: 10000
    [Activate: Main](Y), if there are a total of 2 or more"World Tournament" cards in play in all Battle Areas : Play this card from your hand, and you can't play "Son Goku, Savage Great Ape" for the duration of the turn.
    [Auto] When this card is removed from a Battle Area by a skill, if you have 4 or more energy, you may choose 2 cards from your hand and place them in your Drop Area, then choose 1 of your yellow energy and switch it to Rest Mode. If you did both, choose up to 1 "Unyielding Victory Son Goku" and 1 "Unyielding Victory Jackie Chun" from your deck, play them, then shuffle your deck.

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