CLYW Otter - Harrison Lee Signature Yo-Yo

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    The Otter is the second signature model for Canadian National Champion and all-around fantastic guy, Harrison Lee!

    Taking inspiration from his first signature, the Orca, the Otter is both a step forward and a love letter to past CLYW design features. Designed as a collaboration between Harrison Lee and Jeffrey Pang, the Otter delivers that fat, comfy feel you've grown to love from so many CLYW releases while also being plenty beefy and stable enough for average humans to get through around 45% of Harrison's tricks.

    Signature model of Harrison Lee
    Revised version of popular Orca
    Competition Grade
    Long spin
    Extra Stable

    Weight: 66.6g/2.35oz
    Diameter: 53.85mm/2.12in
    Width: 45mm/1.77 in
    Material: 6061 Aluminum


    This is an unresponsive yoyo.


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