Birthday Parties


Want to plan someone a birthday party they will remember forever? Have it with us at Alternate Worlds! 

 Sample Birthday Party Ideas:

Trading Card Game Party

Does your child love collecting or playing Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Magic the Gathering? Let us help you plan an awesome trading card game party for them! Kids do not need any cards, we provide everything!

Typical party includes things like:

  • Gameplay and deck building session.
  • Information session on card care, collecting, and trading.
  • Mini tournament.
  • Fun goodies and promo cards to take home!
  • Time for trading, playing, eating, and fun.

Young Adventurer's Party

Do you have a super-creative child that loves to explore the world on their terms? Then role playing games could be a great outlet for them! We provide one of our trained Dungeon Masters to help guide them through an exciting mini-adventure!

Typical party includes things like:

  • Gameplay basics and character creation session if required.
  • Custom created, standalone mini-campaign. 
  • Breaks in the action for eating, cake, and other activities as needed. 
  • All dice and required accessories provided for all participants. 
  • Can add on miniature painting session (additional costs apply).

Super Smash Party

Got a “button smasher” in your family? We can give them a birthday to remember with an awesome video game themed party! We can set up multiple-player gaming sessions on large screen tvs and provide all the consoles, games, and controllers!

Typical party includes things like:

  • Short session on video game  history and collecting. 
  • Friendly   multi-player tournament. 
  • “Retro” themed version for kids or adults also avaiable. 
  • Game options include Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Madden, NBA 2K, FIFA, and more!
  • Plus, plenty of time for gaming on multiple console.

Master Builder Party

Got a budding Master Builder in your family? Let us help you plan a super fun Lego themed birthday party that will love!

Typical party includes things like:

  • Short session on Lego building techniques, ideas, and collecting. 
  • Race against their friends at a super fun Lego Pinewood Derby!
  • Building session to create a special “birthday monument” that will grace our Lego City.  
  • Fun mini-build for the kids to take home!
  • Lots of time for building, hanging out, eating, and fun.


Pricing starts at $200/party

Want to make the party extra special?

Inquire about our fun add-ons like:

  • Special appearances by live Pokemon, super heroes, or other “celebrities”.
  • Custom printed items like t-shirts, giveaways, and more. 

Got another idea for an awesome party? Reach out and let us know! We’ve done child and adult parties or all different types, and we’d love to help make yours special. Email us at or call 410-666-3290 to discuss some ideas.